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aliya khan lived in pakistan until she was a teen. at thirteen, her family moved to the united states. the hardships she faced, due to the sudden move, led to her suffering from depression and anxiety.

aliya turned her focus towards art as an avenue of expressing herself. it all started when a friend put a simple wood-burner into her hands just so she had something to do. 

aliya fell in love. the smell. the satisfaction. for the first time, the infinite possibility of creation danced in her mind. 

she was hooked.

with any new hardship that aliya faced, she explored new outlets with which to create art - as a means of both overcoming pain and sharing her expressions with the world.

as aliya embraces the creative process, her anxiety and sadness slips away. over time, art has led to an overall sense of peace and confidence. aliya can't think of a surer sign that art is meant to be her passion.

that's how art by aliya was born.

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many blessings to you and yours,

the art by aliya team